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They also produce a number of cheaper alternatives to the Professional, starting from the £2900 mark, although a new system is currently under development which looks set to turn the amateur animation market on its head. 24-BITS OF TOAST What’s small, beige and has popped- up in the imagination of the Amiga owning public? The Video Toaster is designed as the Amiga's answer to the Ouantel Paintbox, in that it can create and manipulate broadcast quality graphics.OCTOBER 1991 E3.75 DM19 PTA 915 L13400 mmrmimm 9 770963'00901 31 ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT ASK YOUR NEWSAGENT The new HAM-supporting Deluxe Paint IV will do more than turn a few heads.Two facts have recently appeared w hich confirm our position as the leading Amiga maga inc in the country.For starters, our audited circulation (the number of copies sold on average per month, as officially checked by independent body the Audit Bureau of Circulations!Every computer is always at risk of pc viruses like autorun from usb, so it is almost always necessary to combine our safety skills with a good antivirus or security suite, but most are paid as those of large enterprises like (Panda, Symantec, Kaspersky Labs), Like always there are free and simple solutions to support us.That’s why here are some very good completely free antivirus software in the list below.You can search profiles, send messages, and view photos without logging in or signing up.

is designed to put the user in control of how they interact with others.Their flagship product is called the Chromacolour Professional Animation Linetest System, which won't be winning any 'Snappy Title' awards!The system, which weighs in at a hefty £11,000, provides professional animators with a Chromacolour's products are selling well, with BBC TV and world-class animators Cosgrove Hall using them.All of which simply goes to prove that you can rely on Amiga Format to give you the best.London-based Chromacolour are no strangers to innovation; alter all they’ve been creating exciting hardware for the Amiga for years.They started life in 1983 as an animators’ supply company, providing special paint to companies including Disney and Hanna Barbera.


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