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Make sure the 78s are in sleeves, place the stack of 78s between cardboard, wrap tape around the bundle so they don't slide around, put the package in a box within a box.

When I buy 78s from people, I usually send an "empty box" to those sellers ahead of time.

5" (25000, 26000, 27000 Series) Myth-Busting the First Jazz Record (Victor 18255) - You’ll find the famous brands here — the Berliners, Edisons, Columbias, Victors, Zonophones, and the like — but also a fascinating array of long-forgotten (and now highly collectible) products, pictured in more than 280 professionally restored black-and-white ads, with informative captions.

, a fresh and unflinching look at the companies and individuals — black and white — who defied racial prejudice and entrenched business practices to make recordings for the long-overlooked African-American market.y debunks the old tales and explores the full spectrum of race records — from jazz, blues, and gospel to comedy and novelty numbers, mainstream pop, the classics, and even the occasional country-music offering.

Columbia continued the Masterworks series into the LP era, however this discography only covers 78rpm recordings.

We have, if known, added LP catalog numbers to early LP re-issues of 78rpm albums as well as some early Eps - however, the focus is squarely on 78rpm recordings...

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Cohan, Al Jolson, etc.) American Zonophone Discographical Data Is Now Online at DAHR Free Discography Download: John Bolig's "Victor Black Label Records, Vol.I keep these 4 ot 5 of these boxes handy--just the right size for 78s (I am talking about a box within a bigger box, with bubble-wrap and plastic peanuts for protection). When shipping heavy 78s, send your box UPS (the advantage is free insurance up to 0) or U. Postal (the advantage is that 4th class postage can be quite low).Compile your list of 78s, something that dealers can examine.Eventually they were vanquished by the courts, but not before having produced many intriguing (and in some cases, now quite rare) records that are favorites with modern collectors.Their histories and recorded output are detailed in these unique new volumes.The alliterative phrase rocking and rolling was originally used by mariners at least as early as the 17th century, to describe the combined rocking (fore and aft) and rolling (side to side) motion of a ship on the ocean.


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