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Patients and methods: 403 adult cancer patients treated at the Ambulatory Treatment Unit of National Cancer Centre Singapore completed an interviewer-administered questionnaire.

Results: Median age of patients was 56 years old (range 22–84).

Introduction The use of complementary and or alternative medicine (CAM) is on the rise and becoming prevalent in the United States (Horrigan, 2009; Tindle, Davis, Phillips, & Eisenberg, 2005).

CAM refers to various nontraditional medicine and healthcare systems, methods, or products that differ from those established by Western or allopathic medicine or allied providers (NCCAM, 2010).

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The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is highly prevalent among adults with chronic conditions [1–3].A well-established store in the community was identified for the study because of its focus on natural products and well-being.The students and faculty developed a CAM survey and the store owners provided feedback and gave approval to conduct the study on their patrons.Tel: 65-6516-7814; Fax: 65-6779-1554; E-mail: [email protected] Background: In multiracial and multicultural Singapore, patients are exposed to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) from both eastern and western cultures.Although studies have shown that CAM usage is highly prevalent among cancer patients, no study on the prevalence of CAM in Singaporean adult cancer patients had been published.Fifty-six percent of patients reported CAM usage and the most commonly used CAM include Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird's nest and special diet.


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