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Anti-Sodomy Laws The most important case to date concerning sodomy laws is Lawrence v. In that case, two men were convicted for having sex in a private home, under the Texas anti-sodomy law.

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Agencies who are currently not funded with Victims’ Services Grants, but who are considering applying for a grant(s) are strongly encouraged to contact the Victims’ Services Program Manager prior to grant announcements being released for the upcoming funding cycle.Through funding provided by South Dakota Department of Health, the 2017 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Training Program is possible.At the end of the training program, candidates will be able to provide examinations to adolescents (12 years and up) and adult sexual assault patients.Because the decision made by the Supreme Court, all anti-sodomy laws in the United States are considered unconstitutional and unenforceable. South Dakota Sodomy Laws In 1976, private adult, consensual and non-commercial acts of sodomy were legalized.Indecent Exposure South Dakota law also prohibits indecent exposure. The law defines indecent exposure as the person exposing his or her genitals in a public place, or in the view of a public place, under circumstances in which that person knows that person's conduct is likely to annoy, offend, or alarm another person.This may be considered "consensual" behavior because the actor consents to the behavior, even though the offended person does not.


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