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Last week, we ran through 22 podcasts from 22 states, and this week, we are covering the remaining 28 states.

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In 2012, there were four states (California, New York, New Jersey and Florida) in which about one-in-five or more people are foreign born.After Germany, the largest share of immigrants in the U. came from Russia and the countries that would become the USSR (11%, or 1.5 million).Since 1965, when Congress passed legislation to open the nation’s borders, immigrants have largely hailed from Latin America and Asia. WELL, the Season 6 finale is upon us, and with it a wave of angst, agony and depression. He deserves what is basically the truest chance he ever had. Logan graduates, and Rory is so totally proud of him. Meredith: "I'm spending the rest of the night alone with my girl" SO CUTE! I don't think I could have made it through these two episodes without my finale comrade-in-arms, the woman who introduced me to Stars Hollow, one miss Mandy J (burningberry in the comments! A reminder of our drinking game rules: The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game Rules Lorelai or Rory drinks coffee. It was always “Sure, this would’ve worked out if Christopher had it together.” Finally, he HAS it together, so if it was ever going to work out, it was going to be now. He's doing his best to make amends for all past mistakes in these episodes. That whole dumb storyline was worth it just for that. ” “68 pounds of marijuana.” “Huh...” Kirk insanity: Kirk's growing a beard that looks like exactly nothing because "Last weekend, I accidentally wrote all over my face with a Sharpie, and Lulu thought it looked kind of sexy. Mandy: Who can’t tell the difference between 2% and nonfat? The next morning he's supposed to leave for his yearlong trip in London, so he and Rory have plans to hang out super hard that night, but of course Mitchum with his stupid jerkiness is keeping them apart, dragging Logan around to lots of business meetings. The , Truven Health Analytics, Healthgrades, the American Nurses Credentialing Center and The Leapfrog Group, among other resources.


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