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So if you are within a few miles of the surface, not 3,000 miles in space, you know which one is you.However, there is an advantage in using 4 satellites to determine your three dimensional position with no ambiguity.GPS satellites transmit time values regularly, but if we put in consideration the time delay between the satellite and the receiver, the time value received wouldn't be accurate insofar as I know GPS receivers aren't able to determine their position until they've got accurate time.Our devices don't have any atomic clocks synchronized with GPS.

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If you hear Sat A say that the time is 0.00000 and Sat B says the time is 0.00010, then if they are in sync, you must be closer to B than to A.The GPS time kept by the system is accurate to about 20 ns, for a maximum accuracy (without WAAS) of about 6 m, but other system errors increase that to about 15 meters (horizontal).It is possible to find your position from 3 satellites.The GPS receiver computes a solution that simultaneously provides Position, Velocity, and Time (PVT).It's not that one is calculated first, then the other is. More precisely, GPS receivers directly calculate position and time from the timestamps transmitted by the satellites. You can be 30 km closer to Sat B on the other end of the Universe.The receiver uses the time difference between the time of signal reception and the broadcast time to compute the distance, or range, from the receiver to the satellite.


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