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The family was having their own real American horror experience, full of broken lights, scary noises and things waking them up at night.

Viewers can enjoy their favorite shows anytime, anywhere through TLCgo – the network’s TVE offering featuring live and on demand access to complete seasons.TRAILER Hulu released another teaser trailer for its upcoming series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” which premieres April 26.The newest footage for the adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel gives viewers a closer look into Offred’s backstory, as the trailer offers a glimpse of her life before falling victim to the state.Amy took to her Facebook account this morning (July 9, 2015) to set the record straight. The author writes for an Internet publication that pays the writer for each “click” an article receives. Professional journalists should still vet out sources. Just because an article appears online, rather than in print, it must still be factual.If not, the journalist destroys his reputation and credibility.They worked together until 2014 when Amy left to spend more time with her husband and young daughter while Adam also left the show to focus on his family and the running of his non-profit theater company, Peregrine Theatre Ensemble.


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