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While his relationship with nerdy Minkus remains the same, Cory gets over his "girls are gross" phase and develops some sort of affection for Topanga by the end of the season.newspaper published the first daily weather map, London's sewer system was completed after 30 years of construction, and Captain Matthew Webb was the first person to swim the English Channel Below is a selection of names from the GRO Birth Records for England and Wales in 1875.Because the category of "Famous Christians" is so expansive, and could easily include thousands of names, we have focused on adding information to denomination-specific pages, such as "Famous Methodists", "Famous Catholics", "Famous Presbyterians", "Famous Nazarenes", etc.

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Related pages: - Famous Scientists who were Christians - Famous "Born-Again" Christians - Christian Science Fiction Writers - Largest Christian Communities - Box Office Performance of Christian Movies - Names of "Christian" Politicians Related websites: - 131 Christians Everyone Should Know - - Wiki: List of Christians - Wiki: Category: Christians by Denomination - Wiki: List of Christian Entertainers - Famous Christians in History - Christian Influences in the Sciences - Portraits of Great Christians - Profiles of Famous Christians - James Kiefer's Christian Biographies This list of famous Christians mainly includes people in entertainment, such as TV, movies, sports and music. Attorney General Christopher Darden - Lawyer, prosecutor in O. Simpson case Elizabeth Dole - director of American Red Cross; U. Senator from North Carolina Stonewall Jackson - (1824-1863) Confederate general in Civil War Alan Keyes - U. Presidential candidate, politician, radio host Steve Largent - U. House of Representative from Oklahoma, former professional football player Robert E.

His relationship with his older brother Eric Matthews becomes confusing as Eric's constant obsession with girls is foreign to Cory and he becomes more protective of his little sister, Morgan.

Though he hangs out with a group of friends, seemingly on rotation, in the first season, the one constant is Shawn Hunter, who would later on take the role of his sole best friend.

New inmates are constantly added, and you will find names and information will often change as inmate identities are verified and updated.

Matthews is the main protagonist and title character of Boy Meets World.


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