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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. I have just learned that he is an Antroposophist and follows the teaching of Rudolf Steiner. His father was a freethinker and saw his son as a railway engineer rather than as a priest (the more usual destination for bright boys from the villages).Steiner took a degree in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and later wrote a philosophical thesis for a doctorate.Outwardly, we see the gifted son of a minor railway official growing up in the small peasant villages of Lower Austria.

The Theosophists are not as bad as the Anthroposophists, but because Blavatsky was dependent on late 19th century science, and beacuse in the late 19th Century (prior to the discovery of radiometric dating) the Earth was not realised to be as ancient as it is now known to be, their time-scale is quite a bit shorter than thhat of modern science.

Friends gather at the Branch to read to those who have crossed the Threshold. Such spiritual thoughts can be nourishment for those who have died. For information call Anthroposophical Foundation of California Board members: Linda Connell, Samuel Glaze, Terry Hipolito, Eloise Krivosheia, Joyce Muraoka, Roger Rindge and Lori St.

James Daub School for Spiritual Science, First Class Holders: Linda Connell and Roger Rindge.

From 1991 - 2001 she led the Section for Speech and Musical Arts.

Her retirement is from the business related work done for the Executive Council; Virginia Sease will remain a member of the leadership at the Goetheanum, with responsibilities within the General Anthroposophical Section.


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