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You might be wondering "why a feminist dating site?

" Well, a feminist dating website is good for both genders!

She is also known as Cytherea and Cypris after the two places where she is said to have been born.

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She's not to used to being jealous, but he is hers and doesn't want to share. There are challenges pertaining to each Olympian god and goddess, open for anyone to to take on. When he is successful, she is happy for his success and wishes many more successes for him. Never to be together again." She listed off as she went over her appearance again to look for any mistakes. He craned his neck when he heard the click-clack of her heels coming closer to his location and soon she stood over him, a sneer on her beautiful face."Didn't I say to end this before I hurt you even more? She didn't give him time to respond as she proceeded to have her way with him and unfortunately for him it wasn't the sexual kind.She claims fairest, just like that silly little queen from . She cares not for the numerous casual liaisons she had over her 4000 year life. When he is hurt or injured she wants heal him not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. A few feet behind her, her 'lover' Ares mouth agape enough to catch flying sows."You heard me Ares," she said not taking her eyes off herself as she continued to brush her hair. His left eye was swollen shut, a pitch-black color."So foolishly arrogant of you to believe you could ever harm me." She said to the barely conscious Ares. I was born from the remains of Ouranos the Primordial of the Sky, raised and trained by the Primordial of Oceans Pontus, and blessed by the Primordials of Light, Day, Procreation and Ocean. In truth, his power, the power of all the Olympians combined is compared to my own." She said seeing that Ares was close to passing out.She doesn't care about the consequences of her just taking, especially men, and she doesn't care about other's emotions as much as you think she would. When she sees him surrounded by other women, especially the little Athena spawn that currently has his heart, she cannot help the rage and jealousy that courses through her. She cares not why or how he's different because there is only way to explain it… She sent a little energy into him to wake him up, she wasn't finished just yet.She took particular delight in causing her fellow Olympians to fall in love with mortals.(Zeus paid her back in kind by making her fall in love with the mortal Anchises—and conceive the hero Aeneas.) Like the other gods and goddesses, however, Aphrodite also harshly punished those who refused to honor her properly (in her case, this meant celibates or others who withstood the pleasures of love).We need your support in order to make this project come to build this new community of free and equal thinkers!


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