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The picture has been developed at Chinese production house New Classics Media.The romantic drama movie is based on a well-known novel that covers the different stages of the life of modern woman Du Lala and her career adventures.Ever since I watched “In Time With You”, it made me a Sunny fan because how can someone with such a bad boy aura have a name like Sunny?? On a serious note, I’m just in love with his bad boy with a hint of sweetness charms.😉 Speaking of “In Time With You” (the OST’s also playing as I write this post), Cheng You Qing I mean Ariel Lin was all smiles as she tried a new restaurant.“We believe that ‘Go Lala Go 2’ will help build a more consistent and closer partnership between FIC and NCM, and lead the charge in pushing forward this wave of Chinese content to reach more audiences,” said Cao Huayi, chairman of NCM.NCM has produced hits this year including “Jian Bing Man” and “Goodbye Mr. Ariel said that if one day we see her taking a child to school, then we can suspect talking about a or dating...a child..I think we will never know...

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Although none of these come across as believable – not least the part where Lala misrepresents herself as the company VP for weeks on end – is still a fairly serviceable watch for its lead actress’ endearing turn.

Did you see Ariel's smugged look when Joe held her hand and sort of walking her to the left? But I think she is telling all Joe's female fans that "hey, he is mine". Toward the end, I don't think they "practiced" enough because Ariel was a little slow in moving into Joe's arm.

But then I smiled because I started to think about how much rehearsing that they had to do.

The first film “Go Lala Go,” directed by Xu Jinglei, was a big hit in 2010 and a precursor to the current wave of Chinese contemporary romance films.

The sequel directed by Andrew Chien sees Du, now in her 30s, finally receive a marriage proposal from her long time suitor, though by then she is already dating another man. It will later be exclusively screened on FIC’s Chinese movies channel, SCM (STAR Chinese Movies) linear, Vo D and online catch-up service (SCM Play) in Asia Pacific, as well as North America.


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