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Then he flashes a warm smile of dental calamity, his teeth twisted, banged up, or missing in action. "Broke my ankle, broke my hip—man, those were the days."I'm not the sort of traveler who ordinarily seeks out a guide, but at Canyon de Chelly National Monument, in the wrinkled recesses of northeastern Arizona's Defiance Plateau, I have no choice.

Although the National Park Service runs the place, and has done so since the monument was created back in 1931, the park is set entirely on Navajo reservation land.

Tuesdays | September 5-December 19 | -pm Fee: 0 for individuals and couples.

Scholarships are available on an as-needed and case-by-case basis.

People call me “Jew in the City,” but Jew in the City is so much more than one person!

Allow me to introduce you to our mission and all the wonderful people who dedicate their time and efforts behind the scenes to make Jew in the City what it is!

Come be a part of this warm and nurturing environment and feel empowered to take on the responsibility of raising children in Judaism. Contact Lara Nicolson | 410.559.3532 | [email protected] dates coming soon Downtown Baltimore JCC The Baltimore Board of Rabbis and the JCC are offering a newly revamped Introduction to Judaism program taught in partnership with the Miller Intro to Judaism Program at American Jewish University.

Mothers in all family constellations are welcome and participants do not have to be affiliated with a Jewish institution or have any prior knowledge. This program is for anyone wishing to learn more and find a home in the Jewish community and offers learning and support to those on a journey to conversion.

We offer programming and services to Jews of all backgrounds to become involved in our community.

And so, by federal and tribal law, a visitor can enter the canyon only when accompanied by a licensed Navajo "interpreter." The partnership here is unusual, and sometimes strained—and in fact many tribespeople want the Navajo Nation to reestablish complete control of the canyon.

But the guide requirement is a good idea, all in all.

Scandals that reinforce these misconceptions hit the papers all too often.

Popular movies, books, and TV shows repeat negative stereotypes about religious Jewish people and their lifestyles. ) This is the battle that Jew in the City has been fighting since 2007. To break down stereotypes about religious Jews and offer a humorous, meaningful look into Orthodox Judaism.


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