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It includes a four day forecast, detailed current conditions and a weather almanac for the nearest available locations to your chosen locality.Click here for instructions on how to install and configure the free local weather page.You can zoom out and pan around the map to view these warning polygons.Weatherzone offers a range of free weather products that you can easily incorporate into your website.The best website to use for weather forecasts is the National Weather Service.The government agency creates solid forecasts with a website they’re working to improve every day—you’re getting quality without the added fluff or obtrusive advertisements or unrelated articles that you find on other websites.

New secure FTP versions to fully support SSH and SSL secure FTP available. New free Android app to show real time weather data over your local WIFI, to use with the latest version.

When it comes to weather forecasts, outlets have to strike a delicate balance between usability and accuracy.

Forecast quality is useless if the organization’s website is a link-laden Rube Goldberg machine, and the most beautifully designed forecasts you could hope for are just as useless if they’re nowhere near accurate.

Fix for crashes/hangs for WD Mac version, build 270. Improvement for %changeinday% in latest (now has seconds).

Updated the compiler used for overall improvements. Added support for Hobby Boards 8 channel 1 wire relay. Latest version now has new real time graph option for main screen (see under setup, advanced/misc, main screen customise) also now has new icons under control panel and view panel.


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