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The site uses Flash to add an atmospheric depth to a story that allows the audience to understand the clash between animal, humans and technology in the modern world.

4 | The Museum of Me Intel's Museum of Me uses information gathered from your Facebook account to create a visual snapshot of your life. for Intel, turns your photos, videos, and status updates into a virtual tour de force of your life. 5 | Disney New Fantasyland Disney's New Fantasyland website uses Flash to bring visitors to an enchanted land that's been long hidden from our view.

You can use flirting body language or you can flirt with your words.

Flirting is most powerful if you are confident and charismatic.

1 | Pharrell Williams - Happy Pharrell Williams has employed Flash and his creative style to create the world's first 24 hour music video.

More importantly he uses the full complement of Flash media integration to create a web experience that fully conveys the song's theme in a way that a traditional video could not.

Suddenly, beautiful women who never paid you any attention will show you loads of sexual interest.

My name is Dan Bacon and I discovered the art of flirting when I had hit rock bottom in my dating life.

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We can only hope that the real attraction lives up to the web experience.2 | Clouds Over Cuba This interactive multimedia documentary uses the immersive nature of Flash to allow the audience to relive the Cuban Missile Crisis 50 years later and discover what might have been.Produced by the JFK Library this chilling website entertains and teaches. 3 | Bear 71 Bear 71 is an interactive documentary about a female grizzly bear monitored by wildlife conservation officers from 2001 - 2009.Cloud Sherpas’ event email features a colorful image at the top to draw the eye, and shows how an email can still be informative while being clean, short, and to-the-point.Text is broken into bullets to make it easier to read, the call to action is prominently placed (at the top right), and the email consistently reinforces its value proposition: the benefits of attending Australia’s biggest cloud computing event.If you try to flirt with a woman and come across as nervous, shy or intimidated by her, then she won’t really enjoy it. For flirting to feel right to a woman, she needs to feel attracted for you.


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