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German porcelain was of high quality and also cheaper than English china.So much so that in 1887 in the UK and 1890 in the US, laws were passed making it necessary to declare country of origin.But in practice, the country of origin law turned out to be in the favour of the German makers sipmly because their produce was generally of such high quality and relatively low comparable prices.So, in other words, if people recognised the fine china as obviously German, they might be less inclined to by it, or so the theory went.The snag was, the threat of war was constantly bubbling and there was such emnity between the Germanic peoples and the English speaking peoples at that time, that the English speaking countries tended to want to avoid German porcelain if possible.

The fifth mark (second green mark) dates from 1955 to 1965 and has an R in a circle added in the upper right.

The Belleek Living trademark was introduced in 2010 and is used on items from that giftware line. These early pieces are listed by manufacturer, such as Ceramic Art Co., Haviland, Lenox, Ott & Brewer, and Willets.

The courts ruled in 1929 that only the Irish company could use the word Belleek with a capital "B." Others are required to use belleek with a lowercase "b."

Willets Manufacturing Company of Trenton, New Jersey, began work in 1879.

The company made belleek in the late 1880s and 1890s in shapes similar to those used by the Irish Belleek factory.


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