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She was joined by her co-star and director Bradley Cooper as it looked like he gave her some direction about a scene.

This is the first time Gaga has been seen rocking red hair while filming for the movie and she totally pulls it off!

Topcoat Trouble Cooper is topcoat king and makes the rather posh jacket look easy and carefree.

Double-breasted and always wool, his favourite coat often comes with a fur lined collar, worn with a casual look consisting of a sweater, plaid shirt and black jeans.

Cooper, the trick and talent is in how the suit fits – snug, sharp and suave. Perfectly tailored, the jacket lays un-pinched across Cooper’s broad chest; the shoulders remain flat on top and cut sharp down the arm; while the trouser leg sits perfect in length to the ankle.

The Perfectly-Tailored Tux Cooper wore a dark tuxedo suit with a wide black lapel courtesy of Tom Ford back in 2013, and at 2014’s SAG Awards it was all about simple charcoal and white with a Gucci tux and black velvet notch lapel. Given Cooper isn’t stick thin, a well-fitting suit is a perfect match to streamline any bulk.

Bradley, 41, famously dated model star went their separate ways last year reportedly because Bradley wanted to start a family and she wasn't ready (at 23? And even though he and Irina have an 11-year age gap, it's a more respectable one.

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“Irina is a very strong, beautiful Russian woman who knows what she wants, and perhaps Bradley’s mum saw that as something she didn’t want for her son.” Shayk was reportedly devastated by the demise of their relationship.

“Irina thought things were going brilliantly with Bradley and is very upset they ended this way,” the insider said.

PHOTOS: 10 Stars Who Are Notorious For Dating Models Still, she has not allowed the breakup to keep her down too long.

The film is set to hit theaters on September 28, 2018.

I’m thinking, “I have to get off these negative subjects.” So I gave her a couple of jokes: “You’re my first date,” and “The girls I dated in the past weren’t as good as you..far,” etc. We got up and left and I knew I was most likely dead in the water due to a combination of not being able to get off the heavy subjects, her attitude, not understanding romantic love, and being in a rush to figure me out.


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