Can christians dating mormons

But I am really interested and was wondering if you had any advice in case we do start dating. So I would suggest you do some study and find out yourself.

Maybe you could then present this info to your friend and help "open his eyes." Even if they are not his personal beliefs, he needs to understand what it is that his religion actually teaches.

I'm a Christian and I really like this Mormon girl in my band, and I'm waiting for her to turn 16.

Long answer: First of all, Mormons are Christians, but I’ll respond to the question: can a Mormon marry a non-Mormon? But Mormons also have a ceremony unique to Mormonism called a “sealing”, where a Mormon couple can be married “for time and all eternity” (no “till death do you part” involved).Following the teachings of modern prophets such as Thomas S. As is made plain in the scriptures, Heavenly Father has a body of flesh and bone.He was once a man like us but ascended to godhood through obedience to eternal law.In fact, the accusation that we are not Christians is probably the most commonly heard criticism of the LDS Church and its doctrines today. Isn’t the name of our church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Is not the Book of Mormon another testament of Jesus Christ?How could anyone seriously doubt that Latter-day Saints are Christians? Mormons can marry whomever they please in a legally-binding ceremony, and it will be recognized by the church as as valid marriage.


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