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We’d bump into Prince at parties, and obviously Replacements and all of those guys would travel with us and do gigs together. CP: You’ve called The New Standards [with Semisonic’s John Munson and Steve Roehm] your “age appropriate band.” What does that make the Suburbs?

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It’s who I am, it feels effortless, and super-fun to get up and play. Will there be a Kickstarter campaign for this one like Si Sauvage? We are shooting for dropping a vinyl single for Record Store Day [April 22].

Poling: The Suburbs started when I was 19 years old, and I am in my 50s now, so that band started in a different era of my life. I love working in theater, and with The New Standards, but the Suburbs is in my blood, my skeletal system. CP: There’s a new Suburbs album coming out in April.

I was really loving the country life, but after my wife passed away [Eleanor Mondale, in 2011], I lived there for two more years, you know, just me and the dogs, but without her it just wasn’t the same. I found that I was staying up in town, and all my friends… I don’t feel that rock and roll is only for the youth, but that being said I think that rock and roll and pop music is definitely for kids. Poling: Well, the thing about making an album is it isn’t cheap to make. Put aside the hard work, your soul, artistry, it costs physical money to rent a studio, pay musicians, and manufacture CDs and vinyl, photographs, artwork. CP: Is it the same band as on Poling: We have Jeremy Ylvisaker [from Gramma’s Boyfriend] on guitar now.

Poling: I think the thing I have taken away from loss, and seeing your loved ones go through it, is that this is our life right now, that we’re living. We tried, and tried to get him integrated back into the band, but he is dealing with his own issues.


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