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Syncopated and irregularly metered, the lyrics have a dashed-off but devout feel, and are sung from the point-of-view of a Manson-like hood – a trailer-trash, would-be revolutionary, disgusted by the gaudy rich and hungry for apocalypse.Young’s artless tenor, redolent of the Appalachian “high lonesome” in gentler fare, sounds snide and ruthless, brimming with resentment and in love with chaos.The 39-year-old victim told cops she was near Flatbush Avenue and Hanson Place at pm when the goons ran off with her hot-ticket device.That’s when a Good Samaritan intervened, holding one of the thugs until cops arrived.

Oh I know, I especially loved the Philoso-raptor one. I'll have you know I'm a 3-year-old boy on the inside thankyouverymuch. That kind of douchebags are always surrounded by other douchebags, that will laugh at him when you humiliate him : D.Two thieves swiped a woman’s i Pad from an Atlantic Avenue subway station on Oct.14, but a bystander collared one of the perps until the other returned the tablet.Fort Greene–Clinton Hill A knife-wielding lunatic jumped two women on a Manhattan-bound 4 train on Oct.10 — scoring a Mac Book, i Phone and a Shakespearean play."So, if we can just keep Karen busy scrapbooking, we can all still get Pap smears." Fey is referring to a Washington Post profile of Second Lady Karen Pence that noted that the Vice President doesn't dine alone with a woman that isn't his wife, or attend events with alcohol without her there either.


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