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OTOH, in the Fidelity changeover to VISA from AMEX they sent me two accounts with nearly 6 digits of line. anyone know if you can join USAA if you were never in the military? Rather than approve me, I received a notice saying they received my application and will get back to me in 5-7 days. Never heard from them again so go figure, as they say.If you don't take action they will deny you as they can't access your reports.You must call up Usaa and give them your password they will process it and give you a yes or no on the spot. About a year or so ago I was refreshing the wardrobe at TJ Maxx and since the purchase was going to be in the few hundred range decided I would take the additional 10% new card applicant discount beside my senior Monday discount.

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Significant income - All direct deposited to USAA and has been for almost 40 years. All insurance with USAAHow could they possibly have to "think" about this? does everyone get this or are they truly thinking about it? I have no inside knowledge but it's not a USAA card it's a VISA card. We have similar history and I received my card within ten days. Did the appropriate paperwork at the register (FICO 800's, retired, bountiful income and minimal expenses, etc.) and about two weeks later they wrote back they couldn't issue the card since I was underage.So, I usually do not chase this kind of stuff but I saw this when I logged into USAA and I figured it was really good. I joined Pen Fed by a donation to Friends of the Military, can that be done with USAA? I have all 3 reports frozen plus some secondary bureaus frozen.I already have a USAA CC so I thought when I applied, I could just switch it over. I'm able to open check/savings without unfreezing them with lenders I already have accounts with because they only require a soft pull and have that access.This includes the net loan, interest of £23,497.96, a broker fee of £2800.00 and a lender fee of £495.00.The overall cost for comparison is 9.0% APRC variable.When you get into too much debt, questions pile up as you try to make sense of the situation and iron out your finances.


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