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Some miss the good old days of downtime in the jury house. And others want to make sure the right winner this year is chosen.

Rance says of the least deserving winner in the show's history: "Andy [Herren]. I didn't know he was on the show until the finale." Below is the verdict of who will win this season (if these former jurors were the ones calling the shots, again).

Donato married her season 13 castmate, and with the recent baby news from Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, the Huntington Beach native says, "I am so glad that Rachel is pregnant because now everyone can stop acting like it’s a competition for us to get pregnant.

We definitely do want a baby — I’m just glad they took the pressure off of us.” Here, Donato talks to in 2007. Now, everyone has it down to a tee of what competition it’s going to be, and people are outplaying the game.

What twists from past seasons would you like the show to bring back?

Roy: One twist that I would like to bring back, but I don't want to be involved with it at all — I want to be the farthest person away from it — is the estranged family or enemy in season eight.

There needs to be some huge game twist because I don’t want to see people outplay the game. Everyone says that they don’t want twists, but when you don’t get twists, you get these people who just walk all over everybody.

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I wish they would have been a little bit more into their alliances.Last but not least is fan favorite and season 13 winner Rachel Reilly, who has not only managed to turn her showmance into the first talks to all four about their predictions for how the upcoming season will unfold.Last season brought back a twist that was used in a past season.Rance: The entertainment value this season was below average and I’m going to agree with Leslie Moonves and say the cast wasn’t so great.He came out and said that this was not a good cast. There’s been big personalities, there’s been conflict, there’s showmance.How do you think this season compares to your two seasons in terms of entertainment value? I’m not just saying this because of myself — I was probably one of the more boring people — but every character was so dynamic.


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