Dating a guy with uncut penis

There’s the belief that circumcised penises are also more sanitary, but newer data reveals that foreskins exist on our bodies for a reason and that it’s better for penises to be kept “intact”.

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Well, until I fell in love with an Indian guy who worked in my office.

If you’re unfamiliar with uncircumcised men, it’s likely you find the idea of foreskin pretty gross. Here are some other things you should know: Many men aren’t fond of being uncircumcised. And, as with most things that don’t fit the traditional mold, they’re ridiculed and criticized for it, both in the media and in conversations among friends.

While yes, an uncircumcised wiener does look a little different from most, the fact of the matter is: It all feels the same during sex. Even in the locker room, uncircumcised children see that they’re different from most. Not that handjobs are difficult, but an uncircumcised penis makes one difficult to screw up.

There’s a lot of apprehension when it comes to an uncircumcised man.

If peeping down his shorts can scare you, the mere thought of having sex with an uncircumcised man can make your insides dry up.


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