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The SKS has a conventional layout, with a wooden stock and rifle grip.It is a gas-operated rifle that has a spring-loaded bolt carrier and a gas piston rod that work to unlock and cycle the action via gas pressure exerting pressure against them.The successful production of four four-pound cannons and two short howitzers on October 27, 1853 is date of foundation of Zastava Arms in Kragujevac.Between 1856 an 1860, the facilities in Kragujevac received many upgrades to its manufacturing system, eventually allowing the plant to produce weapons with full parts interchangeability.Excuse the marks, I have to go over it with some 0000 wool to get some surface rust off, it has a lot of microfiber lint on it from where I wiped it down. I don't know much about AK's except I dropped my M1A for one several times after sand jamming.

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The SKS is popular on the civilian surplus market as a hunting and marksmanship semi-automatic rifle in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

) is a Serbian manufacturer of firearms and artillery, based in Kragujevac, Serbia.

It was founded in 1853 when it cast its first cannons.

After a research project and a competitive tender in 1879, a new model rifle was chosen as the replacement.

The first domestic-made repeating rifle, a derivative of the Mauser Model 1871 bolt-action rifle, was designed in 1880 by Kosta Milovanović and was named Mauzer Milovanović M.


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