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The appeal of these dolls lies, to a great extent, in their elegant, fashionable clothing.Nineteenth-century dolls generally had cloth, wood or leather bodies.The early ones were usually adult females, although a few adult-male dolls are known.Dolls portraying children were produced from about 1880.Fortunately, these dolls are distinctive enough, and of such difficult to emulate high quality that fakes are uncommon.Misidentification is more common, because everyone wants their doll to be one of these rarities.

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If this is you - the question comes to mind “where do I begin? Manufacturers marks can be found on the head or neck, between the shoulder blades or on the feet.Many “seasoned” antique doll collectors , through experience, can tell the identity of a doll and many times the value, by the dolls height, the materials the doll is made of and the shape of its head - other minor details figure in as well. Books - expensive, time consuming, and often times a little confusing.Recognition of an antique doll is truly an art form! Friends and neighbors - probably not going to be much help. Probably the best resource for antique doll identification is the internet.late 1800's china head doll made by Bawo & Dotter in Germany.The China Heads patent date of 1880 is the earliest this head could have been made with production for this doll probably ending well before 1900.If I can ever part with some, you may see them turn up in my shop from time to time.


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