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Z now builds it in a larger chassis that also houses a built-in attenuator (essentially the Brake Lite), which allows you to take it from its raging 5 watts at maximum crank, all the way down to less than 1 watt. And let’s face it: full juice is how you’re usually going to be playing an amp like this.There’s little more to say about the features: the front panel carries a single input, single Volume control, and a 5-step Attenuator control that runs from bypass at position 0, to –2d B, –5d B, –8d B, and –11d B at positions 1- 4 respectively.The Mini Z gets the distortion party started very early, at about 9 o’clock on the Volume knob (which, by the way shares the faceplate with only the on/off switch and power indicator light).The good Doctor himself suggested we turn the amp up to halfway while turning down the guitar’s volume until we heard the desired clean tone.Z is combating these recessionary times with a trio of new releases, two of which are aimed at making you sound smaller—in a manner of speaking— while the other helps you sound bigger… In keeping with Dr Z’s reputation for admirable construction quality and no-nonsense affordability—in the realm of hand-made gear at least—these newcomers land at prices well south of the stratosphere, too.

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That changed in 2010, when the flood that hit Nashville destroyed all of Paisley’s road amps, except for his Z Wreck. Z quickly built two more ’Wrecks to keep him going, and that effort spurred the idea to add the Z Wreck to the Dr. With some further refining of the circuit and Brad Paisley’s encouragement, the end result was a Z Wreck head/cab setup, and, subsequently, the combo version on deck here. Z started with a clean slate and began with a new aluminum chassis and a birch-ply cabinet.

MINI-Z Previously available as a 1x8 combo, the Mini-Z is back in head-only format, and we’ve just learned that a 1x10 combo model will also return this year.

It has the same popular single-ended EL84-based circuit, but Dr. While little single-ended beasties like the Mini-Z are less bovine of output than your average club combo, they’re still too loud, at full juice, for apartment dwelling or late night jams.

The headroom is excellent, and the well-implemented passive EQ makes it easy to obtain anything from darker jazz sounds to supremely sparkling timbres, especially with single- coils.

RESPECTED CLEVELAND-BASED “BOUTIQUE” amp and accessories manufacturer Dr.


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