Dating in french word online dating in ct

Because French is such a romantic language, flirting might be something that pops into your mind when thinking of reasons to speak French.

However, before I teach you some flirtatious phrases you should know a little bit more about the French culture – especially if you’re thinking of saying these phrases if you visit France.

L’amour c’est génial, mais à un moment, tu vas devoir travailler. Love is great, but at some point, you will need to work. [click To Tweet tweet=”Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraiche = to be in love and not care about anything else” quote=”Vivre d’amour et d’eau fraiche = to be in love and not care about anything else”] Talking about being crazy in love, do you know to say it in French? After two weeks spent talking to the love of your life online, you finally decide to meet. Meaning: to get rejected by someone you’re interested in. Don’t worry though, the wound healed quickly and I moved on.For example you could be struck by lightning or event hit by a rake. Here are 8 French idioms related to love and dating.Je ne comprends pas, il avait l’air super content quand il m’a annoncé qu’il avait eu un coup de foudre I don’t understand, he looked super happy when he told me he had a struck of lightning Ah mais c’est normal.In France, flirting is like a way of life – it is an art form to them.It is in their culture, in their nature, in their blood. You may already have asked yourself this question after a painful breakup.


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