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Your job, culinary preferences, hobbies, family and travels, are usually safe topics to begin a chat with a new acquaintance, whereas sensitive issues such as religion, politics or current affairs may be a no-no. E' il mio preferito = It's my favourite Fanno il miglior “abbacchio” (lamb) = They make the best “abbacchio” Qual'è il tuo cibo preferito?

The most important thing is to trigger your partner's interest, so that the conversation will develop naturally and cruise smoothly from one subject to the other.

And for those who are happily in relationships and not seeking out a love affair, it’s still great to flatter in order to be culturally respectful. You’re so funny – Sei molto simpatico/a (this is the informal but if a waiter in a trattoria is telling you jokes or having a laugh with you then it’s okay to use this wording normally reserved for friends and family) 2.

Paying someone a compliment is part of life here so it doesn’t necessarily mean that married waiter is wanting to run off with your wife – it’s just common courtesy and a bit of fun. You have been very kind – Lei e’ stato molto gentile (this is the formal, which is good for situations with hotel managers who have looked after you or perhaps a restaurant owner who finds you a table even when the kitchen is closing) 3.

During a date it is sometimes difficult to start a conversation, as it may require more confidence than usual: if you are out on the town together, it means you probably like each other already, but a good chat may help to get to know each other better.

Generally speaking, being at the center of a conversation may be rather uncomfortable: this happens to people who are from the same country, let alone those who are from different ones and do not even speak the same language!

Grab your chocolate and roses, and get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day (La Festa degli innamorati) Italian style! You can try: – Tesoro mio – My treasure – Cuore mio – My heart – Amore mio – My love – Caro/cara – Dear However, according to this website, these pet names “sono ‘out.’” You can click on that link if you’re looking for something more original to call your sweetheart, like, perhaps, pulcino/a (little chick), biscottino (little biscuit). – Thank you my treasure, the necklace is beautiful!

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You don’t necessarily need to speak Italian to find the Colosseum, the bathroom or hail a taxi…

Here’s a list of common love and dating expressions, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (and because Italian is, after all, one of the most romantic languages in the world according to this list, this list and ALSO this list, there is no better time to learn the vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to successfully navigate a romantic candlelit dinner with your lover. If you’re looking for less romance and just want to know how to talk about what you love to do, here’s the article for you.) First things first, you’re going to need some pet names () with which you can affectionately beckon your lover when he or she comes to pick you up for your date.

but if you have hopes of perhaps falling in love (or just have some racy holiday fling!

) then the ability to compliment your local flirt could very well come in handy.


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