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The Raven Guard's homeworld is the planet called Deliverance, the airless mining moon of the Forge World Kiavahr, though its original name, before the Horus Heresy, was Lycaeus.

The Raven Guard's fortress-monastery on Deliverance is known as the Ravenspire.

Ashen Claws (Blackshield), Black Guard, Carcharodons (Suspected; Unconfirmed), Dark Eagles (Suspected), Death Eagles (Suspected), Death Spectres, Flame Eagles (Suspected), Imperial Talons (Suspected), Knights of the Raven, Mentors (Suspected; Unconfirmed), Raptors, Revilers, Rift Stalkers, Shadow Haunters, Sons of the Raven (Unconfirmed), Storm Hawks and Storm Wings Space Marine Legion before the Second Founding and the adoption of the Codex Astartes.

Named for a Terran avian seen by many cultures as the herald of fate and messenger of death, the Raven Guard have served the Emperor faithfully throughout the glories of the Unification Wars, the Great Crusade and the dark days of the Horus Heresy and beyond.

Ninety percent of people ask me why I was in there and I tell them, but they don't believe it.

Knowing me now, they don't believe that could've happened. When I left I sent back thank-you notes to five guys who were still there.

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I was ambitious, and my sights were set on anywhere but Delaware. Maybe when got his act together, I told myself, we could finally have a real relationship.

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