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Now, I don't know if he's taking the LIRR (which would deposit him on the west side of Manhattan) or hitch-hiking down the FDR (east side), or what.I'm not a mind reader and I almost told him that, but I didn't have time to get into it.But sometime between our first email and today, I read Patti Stanger's , and now I can't help but prematurely conclude that the salesman and I are doomed. You have to initiate contact if you want him to see you. Then I read in Patti's book that even on the internet, women shouldn't chase because he will expect you to do all the heavy-lifting in the future. My date is coming in from Long Island, and he told me what day and time he'd be in the city.

The first sermon recapitulates the forty years of wilderness wanderings which have led to this moment, and ends with an exhortation to observe the law (or teachings), later referred to as the Law of Moses; the second reminds the Israelites of the need for monotheism and observance of the laws (or teachings) he has given them, on which their possession of the land depends; and the third offers the comfort that even should Israel prove unfaithful and so lose the land, with repentance all can be restored.‎, Devārīm, "[spoken] words") is the fifth book of the Torah (a section of the Hebrew Bible) and the Christian Old Testament.The Hebrew title is taken from the opening phrase Eleh ha-devarim, "These are the words...".‘Oh sorry, you’re right,’ us singletons seethe (albeit inwardly).‘I'll make sure to hurriedly avail myself of the next walking chemistry-void who makes my skin actively crawl.’ Because being on your own is so much worse than dating someone with zero discernible charms, physical or otherwise.You could argue that decisions are made even quicker than this.


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