Dating site for golfers

D., Match's chief scientific adviser and biological anthropologist, said in a press release according to .

"Golf is also a social game [and] one rarely plays alone, so golfers tend to enjoy social situations and have 'people skills.' …

If you had to guess what term women search for the most when perusing the halls of internet dating, you would think it would be something kind of generic like "intelligent," "funny," or "socially progressive." But according to's analytics, one of the words most commonly searched on the dating site by straight women is the term "golf," which gets an average of 7,000 hits a month.

Not only that, but men who list "golf" as one of their interests are reportedly 33 percent more successful at finding dates on the site.

Niet alleen reizen, geen klassieke dating maar een concept ‘van tee tot green’.

Je komt op een ongedwongen en gezellige manier in contact met mensen die dezelfde golf passie delen. Wat onze leden zeggen: "Allereerst bedankt allemaal voor een hele leuke week !!!

The dating site combed its membership data to find the top 10 cities where you can find a man who loves golf.

“Encourage” here is a nice way of saying “signed me up.” So, I anticipated being able to get of the house and try something new, but I didn’t always have control over what that “something” was.

Coming from a sports family, that typically meant something related to sports and physical fitness – bowling, basketball camp, “Punt, Pass & Kick,” soccer, and even scouting.

Now, if the word "golf" conjures up an image for you of a slightly pudgy, wheezing, middle-aged wealthy white guy, this revelation might be a source of confusion.

But it makes sense when you consider that the game is traditionally associated with men who are well-bred, well-educated, and very genteel."Golf is the ultimate gentleman's game, and women crave a gentleman," Helen Fisher, Ph.


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