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In this paper, methods used to establish ages of weathering mantles are reviewed, such as stratigraphic and morphostratigraphic dating, clay mineral and stable isotope analysis, K–Ar and cosmogenic isotope dating, particularly with reference to European examples.

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ABSTRACT: Abstract The correlation of geological records is commonly based on subjective and arbitrary interpretation by a researcher.

Upland and shield areas of central and northwestern Europe are characterised by an abundance of relict weathering mantles (saprolites).

These saprolites, if accurately dated and interpreted, may serve as an important complementary source of information about long-term environmental history.

Finally, the genetic algorithm was applied to stable isotope records obtained from two stalagmites collected from the Demianova Cave System (Low Tatras, Slovakia).

The results show that the genetic algorithm correlation method is similar to that used in pattern recognition by the human eye without prior knowledge of the ages.


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