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They don't have alien strength or mutant capabilities because of radioactive spiders or whatever.There's a kind of fun, grittier localized energy in this show. So it's interesting to explore the psychoses of these people."Justice is blind" is the tagline, and that's not just a nod to Matt Murdock's blindness. It's different if you have super human strength, but these characters don't. you think Claire and Matt feel the need to help other people? I was reading about Neil de Grasse Tyson and how he would love to go back to being a scientist. Unfortunately for you though, Matt is just not as into you as he is into justice. By dating Daredevil or any hero for that matter, you will inevitably find yourself pondering this same query, haunted by the risk your lover takes every day. No matter what, Matt will always try his hardest to be a good boyfriend.

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thread=1250215#t1250215For whatever reason (maybe Peter's mother dies earlier), the Ravagers pick Peter up when he's still tiny. And that weird blue guy who keeps threatening to kill him with a whistle. It’s not that Daredevil wouldn’t be into you; he probably would be.Let Scott grow to have some confidence without Emma constantly backing him up Let Emma grow to realize she's not the person she used to be without Scott having to remind her.Yondu wasn't quite prepared for the fact he'd have basically a baby to care for Bonus: Peter still had his tapes on him when he was taken - maybe his mommy knew he'd be picked up and got him all packed. She plays a conflated version of two separate Marvel women: nurse and Luke Cage love interest Claire Temple and superhero Night Nurse, a doctor who helps wounded heroes in the TIME spoke with Dawson about Marvel's new dark side, the rise of the female superhero and why Netflix disrupting the entertainment industry is good for actors.For all we know, Scott and Emma could get back together, or they might hate each other even more.


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