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Dating app Clover conducted a study to get the skinny on the hobbies and activities that best define Republicans and Democrats this election year.Some are obvious (spoiler: the GOP likes guns), but some may surprise you. Age 48 De Gulf Breeze, Florida En ligne - Hier Femme recherche Homme (7479 de Kilomètres) Fun and outgoing.Looking for someone to laugh with and enjoy each day Age 41 De Merced, California En ligne - Aujourd'hui Femme recherche Homme (8903 de Kilomètres) There's a lot about. I have a bachelor's degree and working on a teaching credential.To be fair, this would appear to bear out a lot of stereotypes for both parties.Dems are a bunch of pot-smoking, free-loving coffee-sipping hippies, while Republicans are all gun-toting Bible humpers.We then correlated their “must haves” with their political affiliation— as either a conservative Republican, moderate Republican, moderate Democrat, liberal Democrat, Independent or Libertarian. We found that significantly more conservative Republicans singles say they someone with a sense of humor and who has life of their own, someone who can communicate their wants and needs, someone comfortable with their own sexuality and with the same level of education, and someone who respects them.

After taking a specific look at the differences between Clinton fans and Trump supporters, Match discovered that Trump supporters were 99% more likely than Clinton fans to have a sex tape of themselves, and 1,104% more likely to expect "sexual contact" on a first date.

Williams capped off the segment by setting up two from the opposite party on a date, and appointed herself the dating coach.

The online dating service Match has just released the results of its sixth annual Singles in America study, and with the presidential election rapidly approaching, researchers zeroed in on how politics and dating collide.

Political apathy, on the other hand, was considered a deal-breaker for a significant number of singles, with 25% of those surveyed saying they wouldn't date someone who isn't registered to vote, and 35% saying they wouldn't date someone who "does not have an opinion on key political issues."Match also uncovered fascinating differences between singles based on their picks for president.

First, the party breakdown: 40% of singles surveyed identified as Democrat, 19% as Republican, and 15% as Independent, while 24% claimed no affiliation.


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    Sure, it beats letting your mom set you up, but finding a decent date from an endless digital pool of thirsty bros can often seem just as painful as actually meeting up with that med student you haven’t seen since high school. The only way to know if you really have chemistry is to test it out face to face. Every app has its own pros and cons, so don’t feel guilty about playing the digital field. Variety and possibility are the two best things about online dating. Who among us hasn’t spent a Friday night solo, dismally searching for a profile pic in an old pair of sweats as if the perfect photo is the only thing stopping us from dying alone?