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What if Sheldon and Amy have a happy, healthy intimate life off camera? What happens when Loki lands on Midgard, angry and craving revenge only to find a mortal woman, Darcy Lewis, alone and cold? Nick Fury gives back the Tesseract to Thor, claiming that humanity is not ready for that kind of power. He'll need to go undercover with the rich jet set of London and he'll need some help. Anthea has a particular skill set that is reserved for getting the really hard targets to give them the information that they need.

Moriarty's back and, with his return, comes danger to those closest to Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock proposes allowing Mycroft to secret Molly away until the danger has passed. This ends up as the catalyst which permanently changes the relationship between Molly and Sherlock. There's the Shamy we see on our television screens and then there is the Shamy we all know exists. Still, she probably should have told him about their daughter. Joined by accident, bonded by need and changed by love. Sherlock has recently come into his inheritance and soon after is asked by his parents to look into a case for a close family friend. Will her support during an unexpected tragedy prove to be the catalyst needed to draw her mysophobic boyfriend out of his shell?

But hopefully I'll find some time to go through them and fix at least a few of them soon-ish. Some of my favorite Anime/Manga pairings: In no particular order, because I'm having a hard time deciding which ones I like the most between a few of them: Yusuke Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho), Lelouch Shirley (Code Geass), Ikki Ringo (Air Gear), Sasu Karin (Naruto), Shinji Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Keiichi Mion (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni/Kai/Rei/Etc), Hei Yin (Darker than Black), Yoh Anna/Ren Anna/Hao Anna (Shaman King), and Mello Near (Death Note). Or maybe a bit of serendipity if she were fatalistic. Karin struggled to find reason in a world being torn apart by bloodshed and war. Years of living under the same roof caused changes to the relationship between Chisaki and Tsumugu.

Special mentions to Ciel Lizzie (Kuroshitsuji), who will soon reach my Top 10 of all time if they keep this up - and to Ichi Ruki (Bleach), who were there before but dropped thanks to my utter disinterest in Bleach as of the moment. (Part I of two pieces)"I was waiting," he says, his mouth dry. She is trapped in a state of mindless obedience until she meets a reckless boy named Sasuke. A story that looks on the five years that Chisaki and Tsumugu lived together, from opening up to each other to accepting each other. Jo learns that feelings for a past love can die hard when her feelings for Danny are rekindled over a year after her fiancé's death. They've both learned the importance of being practical and practicality says their best chance of surviving this mess involves working together. Even more than a decade later, Jefferson can still remember the sharp sting of his torn flesh and the smooth warmth of their blood mingling together between their clasped hands. And you don't abandon family." Regina and Jefferson, before everything fell apart.

Only the heart of one girl is the key to the survival of Yusuke and friends on the a mission of their lives. He chases her, across burning rubble and shooting fires, and finds that this is as close to a lover's embrace as he can get." class="board Cover" src="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/custom_covers/216x146/49539733340095304_1349210718.jpg" data-reactid="1837"/ Go to https:// and follow the directions from there." class="board Cover" src="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/custom_covers/216x146/49539733340095594_1349485283.jpg" data-reactid="1862"/ Go to https:// and follow the directions from there.But I have also read other pairings and like them such as Katie/Oliver. So if you like my story and want to add it to your favorites list over there, now you can! When the unexpected happens, will it add a little merriment to the season, or will it change how she views the holidays entirely? He has no recollection of what had happened and doesn't even remember her name. John, among others, thought that Molly was the last person Sherlock would ever think of. Molly thought that she never had, or would have, any effect on the heart of Sherlock Holmes. When Ginny's daughter ends up in grave danger, Hermione sells herself to the Death Eaters to save her life. But what if she wasn't the employee of Bart's hospital that we all know her as? D/Hr Based on a prompt from Lilsherlockian1975 a quick two parter in which Sherlock sneaks Molly into the male only Diogenes Club. She was disappointed in him, he could see it in her eyes in spite of the drug-fueled euphoria coursing through his veins.Feel free to look around on my saved favorite stories and authors. All he knows is that she is the most intriguing woman he has ever met. Here's my take on an AU where Sherlock and Molly are just as closely connected, but in a very different way. Once there things start to get a little out of hand. It's Star Trek's 50th anniversary and Sheldon organizes a commemorative role-playing mission. "Oh, Sherlock," she said, mouth turned down at the corners as she closed the door behind her and entered his sitting room.Her brother, Emmett, on the other hand, is a normal teenager, living an equally regular life. Will she fall for his best friend, the green-eyed stud? It has been 4 years since Bella escaped from the dangerous people that took her away from her parents. La déesse intérieure d'Ana, la tête enfoncée dans sa pile de mouchoirs, supplie Ana de reprendre Christian, alors que sa conscience préfère se plonger dans les œuvres complètes de Charles Dickens... Pour celles qui pense qu'Ana s'est laissée reconquérir trop vite... 21-year-old Isabella is sweet, maternal, loving and good natured.


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