Error updating locale 7945

Obtain a new copy of the phone firmware and place it in the TFTPPath directory.

You should only copy files into this directory when the TFTP server software is shut down, otherwise the files may be corrupted.

Special consideration must be taken into account when upgrading to the latest firmware.

If the Cisco Unified IP phone is currently running firmware earlier than 6.0(2) on and you want to upgrade to 8.x(x), you must first install an intervening 7.0(x) load to prevent upgrade failure.

Cisco recommends using the most recent 7.0(3) load as the intervening load to avoid lengthy upgrade times.

We have A Call Manager 6.1.2, with installed locales for french and romanian, locale file versions 6.1.2000-1 Users complain, that they can't change the locale for IP Communicator any more (since the upgrade to 6.1.2; previous version was 5.1.2, with locale files) Those, that had the CIPC locale changed previously to French for example, are stuck with that, being unable to change it back to English either.

This will be fixed in a future version of CIPC to be released early next year.

I can see in CALL MANAGER device protocol SIP and ip phone is taking ip address but REGISTRATTION showing REJECTED.files are successfully downloaded from the TFTP server, but the softphone still complains "Error Updating Locale" in the status screen.Using a different installation (the corporate CIPC are mass deployed, no access to C: drive etc.) I sort-of managed to switch between French and English partially: right-click menus, splash screen and tooltips appear in french, but the phone screen (softkeys, phone menus, etc.) is still in english.The configuration file for a particular phone is created when the phone is added to the Cisco Call Manager database.If the phone has not been added to the Cisco Call Manager database, the TFTP server generates a CFG File Not Found response.Cisco IP phone SCCP firmware files version 9.2., 7965 & 7975 IP phones (latest version at the time of writing this article) are available at our Cisco IP Phone & ATA Firmware Download section. When performing the factory reset procedure we are about to describe it is important to keep in mind that the IP phone will lose all configuration files and phone application.


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