Evangeline lilly phone dating commercial

With a history of success in the dialer and call center software industry worldwide, Steve Bederman, former CEO of Vocalcom North America and Touch Star, now CEO of thē Call Center Corporation, and his team have managed five different telephony providers combined.

If you don't know, this is a new dating term for holding hands.

Please go through the threads before starting a new one, as it may be discussed already. My roommate is fighting with me about Evangeline Lilly and the late night commercials for Live Links. I erase the show off of my TIVO but will try to find out which hotline it is for. Nicatron, welcome to the Lost-TV board, one of your best sources to find out information about LOST and to share your thoughts and insights with fellow afficionados of the show.

She was actually in what seems like her trademark wife-beater which is weird because that is what she wears on Lost.

Lilly -- who was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., and grew up in small-town British Columbia -- laughs that she was such an acting novice that she'd also never heard the word "pilot" (except, of course, the uniform-wearing kind who sit in cockpits).

So when her agent suggested she do an audition tape for this new quirky show, she assumed "I didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell." But Lilly nailed it. and the others two weeks before shooting the pilot was set to begin," says Lilly, speaking over the phone from the set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It was a whirlwind two or three days and a total head-spinning kind of experience," she adds.

They usually run after primetime on local stations. These will help kick-start your adventures with the rest of us and hopefully increase your enjoyment of the board.

Anyone know for sure if Evie has done commercials?? This was not a girl who looked similar to her, it WAS her. With over 4000 registered members it can indeed be a daunting place, so the moderators have helpfully posted several useful guidelines at the top of each major forum.

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anyways, she looked really gorgeous in it...anyone else ever seen it i live in maryland btw Welcome, zimbawebob!


Even after the first show aired and we had 20 million viewers, I was still convinced it was just hype." But now holds firmly to its status as a powerhouse.

Lilly figures the reason it resonates with viewers is this simple: "North America has been crying out for intelligent TV for so long.


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