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Western men who had struggled to meet a so called good Thai girl suddenly found themselves the interest of as many as 100 Thai women in one day – and that's going to get any bloke excited!Utter Thai Love Links, or TLL as it is referred to by those in the know, and you'll soon hear words to the effect, "Don't go and tell anyone or it will be ruined!If you want your first dates to turn into one night stands or sex there's only one date type you should be doing – drinking dates!Coffee dates are pleasant at best and rarely lead to sex.

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A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you." But the secret is already out and the masses are flocking to TLL.I was in hysterics recently when TLL was brought up for discussion on two prominent local discussion forums, both of which deal mainly with whoring as opposed to more traditional dating and relationships.The sexual revolution has reached a crescendo in Thailand as Thai women and Western men flock to a particular website where a smorgasbord of sexual liaisons are arranged in record time.I've been sitting on the sidelines watching as those around me are going wild on Thai Love Links, gorging themselves on Thai women like pigs at the trough.In each of the discussion threads respondents quickly came on and showed enough knowledge of the site that they had clearly been using it themselves, yet they shot it down in flames, not wanting to share the spoils with others.


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    Mientras tienes citas sexuales, puedes encontrar amigos para citas candentes y tener sexo si es que tú y tu pareja deciden calentar un poco el ambiente.