German railpass s bahn validating stamp

It turns out that I really enjoy answering questions about European itineraries and transportation, so I’m trying to make the process even easier.

I’ve moved a few dozen questions from other articles to the bottom of this page, and many people have mentioned that reading other answers can be helpful in general.

With 50 or so different countries, planning a trip to Europe (especially for the first time) can seem overwhelming.

Many people head to London and/or Paris first just to get a feel for the place, but if you are going a long distance to get there it’s worth exploring more if you are able.

Open the door and enter this couchette car for the overnight ride from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland.

The icon of a bunk and reclining person (top center) idicates that it is a sleeper. At the time I rode this it was the oldest sleeper I had been on, but it was adequate.

I cover this topic extensively on the Eurail Pass article so please skim that for answers to most questions.

But the short version is: Rail passes can be great for those going mainly between major cities that are 200 to 700 kilometers apart.

Most medium and large cities have a streetcar (tram) system, sometimes fairly extensive.In larger towns and cities, lines crisscross the city.Where local rail service is offered, buses compliment those services.Having been fortunate enough to have explored most of Europe’s countries and highlights over the years, I continue to research and write about European travel on this site.I’ve been getting a wide variety of interesting questions on many of those articles, most notably on the article about Europe rail Passes and whom they are right for.Since the list is already pretty long it might be easier to search for text on the page by doing a Command-F (Mac) or Control-F (Windows) and typing in what you are searching for, like “Paris” or “Eurostar” or “Germany” and you’ll be taken directly to questions and answers on that topic.


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