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The "UHD Alliance", an industry consortium of content creators, distributors, and hardware manufacturers, announced during CES 2016 press conference its "Ultra HD Premium" specification, which defines resolution, bit depth, color gamut, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) and rendering (HDRR) required for Ultra HD (UHDTV) content and displays to carry their Ultra HD Premium logo.The "Ultra HD" term is an umbrella term that was selected by the Consumer Electronics Association after extensive consumer research, as the term has also been established with the introduction of "Ultra HD Blu-ray".To get the best-looking films on your TV, you should consider Ultra HD Blu-ray – also known as 4K Blu-ray.That's got the best possible picture in home media right now, and it's not reliant on the internet gods.

When you cram more pixels into the same sized TV screens, you get a sharper, clearer picture. UHD Blu-ray also adds all sorts of useful things like High Dynamic Range (HDR) and new-gen audio standards like Dolby Atmos.

Your support for slow-motion and frame-by-frame for modern, hi frame rate video is a godsend.

Why turn back the clock and force your users to sneaker-net USB flashdrives over to their player to watch their videos?

The human visual system has a limited ability to discern improvements in resolution when picture elements are already small enough or distant enough from the viewer.

At home-viewing distances and current TV sizes, HD resolution is near the limits of resolution for the eye and increasing resolution to 4K has little perceptual impact, as consumers are beyond the critical distance (Lechner distance) to appreciate the differences in pixel count between 4K and HD.


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