How long have bosco and myolie been dating

Even at the recent TVB light-up ceremony, Myolie is nowhere to be seen. Disappointed with the company’s direction, Myolie reportedly has plans to leave the station and seeks better opportunities in China.

While attending an event yesterday, Myolie also admitted that she had yet to decide if she would renew her contract with TVB.

In fact, their relationship continued to grow steady throughout the years.

Lucky in love and his career, Bosco admitted that he did not possess wedding plans yet.

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I have been in the industry for 16 years and need to think carefully how I should move from here. There’s more to life besides working.” Myolie also said that she was approached by other agencies, and that money is not the most important factor.As reported on HK Channel, Bosco and Myolie attended the China International Film Festival recently and the actor was spotted looking towards the actress' direction a few times throughout the event, trying to find the opportunity to talk to her.Sources claimed, "Bosco was not only trying to have a conversation with Myolie, but he was also careful not to bump across Eliza Sam whom he was rumoured to be dating recently, so that Myolie would not misunderstand."On the other hand, the "Triumph In The Skies II" actress had allegedly been trying to evade her former beau and stayed close to fellow actor Ron Ng throughout the is a tiring day for her and she is supposed to have a good night sleep but aimee wakes up in the middle of the night, as her daughter, camilla is feeling unwell." ali says: "he is alert and it is not a it is my first time to become daddy, i tend to feel nervous and please give me some fishnet tightstrending now: women are obsessed with fishnet socks and tights.


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