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Deputy Sheriff Charles Fogus revealed how he saw he saw a crashed flying saucer and aliens who 'looked like the ones we see on television' at Roswell, a newly-released interview reveals.

A new book claims Fogus said the UFO was around 100ft wide, and he said he saw soldiers removing dead 'creatures' from the scene.

Observations with NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii have confirmed that an object spotted by four different Backyard Worlds users is, in fact, a ‘new cold world’ just 100 light-years from the sun.

Observations collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover over 3.5 years have revealed that oxygen levels in an ancient Martian lake differed between shallow and deep water.

Purdue University has unveiled a membraneless battery that uses fluid electrolytes to re-energize spent battery fluid, which is said to charge in the same amount of time it takes to refill a gas tank.

Using observations from the Juno Cam, a mathematician in Germany created a stunning time-lapse video – and, set to a dramatic sci-fi music, the footage reveals its alien beauty.

The video, originally created by mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt, took 60 hours to make, and reconstructs Juno’s flyby from the perspective of the spacecraft.

It was later picked up by animator/filmmaker Seán Doran, who added music from the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack.

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