Intimidating soccer team names

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No matter the day or opponent, World Cup Qualifying in CONCACAF is a slog.

However it does resemble the team name and that keeps it out of the basement. Ratt was named in honor of the club's 1996 Stanley Cup Final run where rats were tossed on ice, which took longer to sweep off the ice than the team getting swept by the Avalanche for the Cup.

But the tongue hanging out of the mouth is not a good look.

Except for perhaps Fantasy Football novices, everyone knows how important it is to have the perfect fantasy football team name for your league. We’ll feature fantasy names within the teams galleries.

Let’s face it, even if you do no research on which players to draft, you can walk into your draft armed with the ESPN app and get pretty close to picking the best player available. We’re always on the lookout to add to our list of 227 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names – 2015.


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