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A: Many people incorrectly believe that a victim has the power to "press charges" against the abuser, or to later "drop the charges." All crimes are offenses against the community, not just the individual victim.All criminal complaints are prosecuted on behalf of the State of California, not the individual who called the police or the person who may have been personally harmed by the defendant's conduct. This is important because it takes the responsibility for prosecuting the abuser away from the victim and puts it on the prosecutor -- where it legally belongs.By asking our users to create their own passwords rather than using Thomson Reuters-assigned passwords, we will be able to provide better security.Can I use the same One Pass profile for multiple products and websites?The defendant’s attorney works with the prosecutor to come to terms both sides can agree with.

The prosecutor may agree to drop some of the charges if the defendant admits guilt.

At the federal level, all filings, including briefs, are made electronically online.

All hearings and trials happen in a courtroom that is open to the public, except in rare cases such as when a juvenile is involved.

Pre-trial Court Appearances in a Criminal Case It’s especially difficult to generalize about this subject, since so much depends on a particular state’s procedures, whether it typically uses a grand jury to bring charges, etc.

Here’s the procedure used with some variations in many states in which a prosecutor files charges without a grand jury.


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