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The first phase required 85 million m³ of excavation and was inaugurated on 28 August 1991.The second phase (dubbed First water to Tripoli) was inaugurated on 1 September 1996.By that point the NTC had just taken control of the pro-Gaddafi town of Bani Walid and were close to taking control of Gaddafi's home town, the tribal heartland of Sirte east of Tripoli.

It’s original and prescient—one that all concerned scholars and students should read to comprehend this new trend in global militarism.—Patricia Daley, University Lecturer in Human Geography, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford This is a splendid narrative of the vicious NATO assault on the Libyan people told from a Pan-African standpoint.

The Great Man-made River Project (GMRP) was conceived in the late 1960s and work on the project began in 1984.

The project's construction was divided into five phases.

Campbell points out that while political elites in the West were quick to celebrate the intervention in Libya as a success, the NATO campaign caused many civilian deaths and destroyed the nation’s infrastructure.

Furthermore, the instability it unleashed in the forms of militias and terrorist groups have only begun to be reckoned with, as the United States learned when its embassy was attacked and personnel, including the ambassador, were killed.


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