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At the end of the list, there is a page with the raw numbers for the top 50 last names. Hudson Combined WAR: 77.6 WARPlayers with WAR of 5.0 or more: Three Carrying the flag: Tim Hudson, 57.2 WARSupporting cast: Sid Hudson (13.2), Charles Hudson (7.2) 16. Mc Dowell Combined WAR: 80.5Players with WAR of 5.0 or more: Three Carrying the flag: Sudden Sam Mc Dowell, 42.9 WARSupporting cast: Jack Mc Dowell (28.1), Roger Mc Dowell (9.5) 15. This could either be an occupational name for a person who worked with clay or mud such as a builder or artisan, or a topographic name for someone living near clay or mud. This probably denoted someone who was talkative or prone to stealing, although it may have described someone's unusual colouring.Painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was a famous bearer of this name.The name is thought to have been originally from France and was changed from the 13th century Vilaroux into the Catalan Vilaro.

So that’s why you won’t see Roger Clemens, Tom Seaver or Bert Blyleven with their own section. Garcia Combined WAR: 76.2Players with WAR of 5.0 or more: Three Carrying the flag: Freddy Garcia, 35.7 WARSupporting cast: Mike Garcia (30.4), Jaime Garcia (10.1) 17.

Williams Combined WAR: 83.7Players with WAR of 5.0 or more: Six Carrying the flag: Woody Williams, 26.7 WARSupporting cast: Stan Williams (23.5), Lefty Williams (13.2), Mitch Williams (7.3), Albert Williams (6.4), Frank Williams (5.6) 14.

You can tinker with your rankings, identify your favorite sleepers (and busts), print your cheat sheet, practice your draft strategy with mock drafts, and constantly check for injury updates, but your 2016 preseason work isn't complete until you come up with a good fantasy football team name.

Do you recognize all the celebrities whose last name is Shaw on this list?

Although not all of these people are related, they are all famous people with Shaw as their surname.


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