Local dns server not updating

You can set the TTL value on your A records for your domain.Sometimes the default can be very high - I have seen them set for several days.

Because there is no single shared standard throughout the Internet, this entire process can take from a few hours to up to 72 hours.I'm having mysterious issue that confused me for such a long time till now, I've got one DC which acted as DNS and DHCP as well.However it is successfully giving out IP address to all IP enabled device and machine but when updating the DNS entry, only the Windows machine (workstations and server) gets their IP registered in the DNS server, therefore i cannot ping and access the other Linux machine apart from using IP address only.I ran into an issue with my DNS cache in Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8 before the update). Your machine is getting its DNS resolution from somewhere else, and the caching is taking place there. The second column is the TTL and is the number of seconds remaining before my DNS server will refresh the record for I have a little webserver running and I purchased a domain for it. It does not matter how many times I flush my local DNS, every time I ask my DNS server to resolve hum.is, it will give me the same answer.When you do an 'nslookup' on the SOA does it give the right answer?


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