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I'm going to college next year, and I'm wondering what guys do in dorms to masturbate.

Do they jack off quietly in bed or do they do it together at the same time?

Do you think this is normal and should I tell my mom that I use her vibrator? When I first started masturbating, I used my hands and I was able to achieve an orgasm, but now I use a nebulizer and I can't acheive anything without it. I just take the air hose and put it around the area where my clitoris is.

Well, right before I came my mother knocked on the door and said, "I need to put some clothing away.

Most of the time a more intense orgasm is the result of mental focus rather than the physical part.

You might learn more about what you can focus on to bring about a better orgasm.

I masturbate with a back massager, and I've always wanted to know if that's good or bad. After about 4 or 5 months of masturbating, it started to hurt inside my vagina. Then I started to bleed, and I don't think this is my period.

I have really good orgasms and I can masturbate up to 30 times a day. You should be developing a healthy sexuality so you can successfully have sex with a partner someday. I masturbate with my hand but mostly with my mom's vibrator. (age 13) You need to stop using the "toy" until you figure out what's causing the pain and bleeding and correct it.


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