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This Atlantic corner of North-west Spain, known as "the land of the 1000 rivers", has a mountainous inland area, and a rugged coastline of cliffs, lagoons, beautiful beaches and small islands.

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Each tour is a unique adventure with different sights to see, so remember to take your cameras and wear dark shirts to reduce glare for photos.

Each passenger has their own large window in two abreast seating and a stereo headset for music and expert pilot narration.

See Madam Pele's current activity at the world's most active volcano.

Maui and it's neighboring islands are best seen from the air as the vast majority of each island is inaccessible from the ground.

One of the best values on Maui is the active volcano air tour of Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii (the two largest Hawaiian islands) in one of Volcano Air Tours' comfortable, air-conditioned airplanes.


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