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Degreeing in your camshaft means synchronizing the camshaft's position with the crankshaft.A few degrees of misalignment can affect the engine's operation dramatically.For best performance, you should degree in all performance camshafts.The basic tools required are a degree wheel, a stable pointer that can be mounted to the engine, a dial indicator with at least one inch of travel in .001" increments, a stand that mounts it to the engine, and a positive stop device to locate TDC.Billet Steel: When a high quality camshaft or low volume production is required, engine builders and camshaft manufacturers choose steel billet.This is a much more time consuming process, and is generally more expensive than other methods. CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, and CNC camshaft grinders will be used during production.

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Web-Cam offers a complete cam degreeing kit, see below for part number information or call for more information.

If you change your timing belt or chain, chain tensioner, cut your head, or deck your block, you must degree in your cams. Do not use the starter to perform any of these steps.

Different types of steel bar can be used, one example being EN40b.

When manufacturing a camshaft from EN40b, the camshaft will also be heat treated via gas nitriding, which changes the micro-structure of the material. These types of camshafts can be used in high-performance engines.


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