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Deer hunting is a very noble sport enjoyed by many people around the globe.

In that spirit, we have provided this short walk-through for people who are new, and wish to learn more about the bow and deer hunting.

I'm Trey Copeland and I'm co-founder of Outdoorzy along with my partner Shawn. I've been hunting or fishing in many states including KY, MO, MS, AR, TN and FL as well as Mexico and Costa Rica.

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The Blaze: Now it’s something he said he’s hoping to put behind him.

He said he is “utterly done with all drugs.” He’s only talking about the ordeal because he said he wants to set the record straight and be truthful about what happened.

The nude male, nicknamed “Carl,” apparently got lost after a music festival which had occurred in a field nearby.

If you haven’t been elk hunting, than this tattoo may not mean as much to you.

Basically, you should aim at your target and fire the arrow.

The velocity and speed of the arrow depend on the quality of the bow.

“I had set down my bow and my stuff at my stand and was going to check a game camera I had set up, and I heard somebody yell. “I could tell it was a disgruntled voice,” Sanders, an engineering student at Southern Polytechnic University who will be graduating this semester, added.

Sanders said “hey” back, but he was alone in the middle of the woods and admitted he got a “little scared.” He took out is phone and hit record, fearing the worst might happen.


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